Why our consulting services
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Nowadays the Studio Merlino firm is the perfect solution to your needs for a specific consulting service to support always your business activity during the time when there are critical changes on the fiscal law. We help our clients to convert the potential risks in fiscal regulation to market opportunities in order to have the best optimization between return on the investment and taxes due to pay to the government. The main elements which distinguish our service from the rest of the market is the long experience of the Partners in tax and strategic business consulting services,proved by the references of important market players not only at the national level but globally. Furthermore, we present in a distinctive way a strong responsiveness and dynamism to the digital change witnessed by the high level of investments in databases, specialized softwares and latest generation digital tools that are fundamental to offer you our services in an efficient and effective manner whenever you want. In other words we are really close to our clients wherever the company is located because we can use our digital tools for communications and reporting. Another pillar on which the activity of Studio Merlino is based is the partnership with networks and associations of professionists who are experts in different fields of consultancy and located in different geographical markets, supporting your investments everywhere with professionalism and accuracy in order to provide best market opportunity for you.