Today’s business relationships and deals have gotten bigger and more complex and this often leads to controversies, litigations and disputes that are too complicated and taxing for companies to handle by themselves. The need for critical skills to face these challenges leads many of today’s top companies to turn to our professionals for help.
There are many interfaces between legal consulting services and tax law. In close consultation with our tax consultants, we assist you comprehensively in all tax issues. 

With Studio Merlino, you will find a reliable partner with outstanding expertise in tax litigation and disputes. We develop comprehensive, individualised conflict solutions – we support you assert your rights.We work close to our clients to resolve conflicts and team up with our partners in order to develop the best solution for you.

Our tax controversy network is uniquely positioned to support businesses prevent, manage and resolve their tax controversy issues. Our services include pre-filing controversy management and tracking, dispute resolution, return filing, planning relevant back-up documentation and working with businesses to implement tax controversy management best practices. Using the Studio Merlino network and first-class technology, we support businesses address risk, improve tax performance, better manage controversy and resolve tax disputes — wherever you want to do business.

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