We believe that long working experience and advanced IT systems are the right way to provide you the best accounting services.

These years with the new obligation of the electronic invoicing and digitalization process for many corporates from various fields, in our accounting system we provide flexibility and relevant solutions by depending on the client needs. External accounting and reporting is today more than just about complying with statutory requirements. The high expectations of stakeholders and also companies themselves of the reliability of reporting and the underlying accounting system must be satisfied. Moreover, the constantly changing requirements for accounting and corporate reporting set by legislators and standard setters bring about increased compliance risks. The electronic invoicing and digitalization brought to the radical change to the accounting system for the Studio Merlino which invested a lot in the most accurate IT systems and advanced softwares in order to monitor constantly the client accounting situation and keep foreseeable developments in check and detect unexpected events as early as possible. The Studio Merlino offers to the corporates and taxable people online accounting services and Dashboards where they can always monitor their sales invoices and supplier invoices directly from their own location. In addition to support the clients online we constantly deliver webinars and conferences where we always show them how to do always better with our IT Systems.

Our experts are glad to support you in all national and international accounting matters and assist you and your company throughout the entire reporting process.