National and international HR management is a special challenge for specialised employees. You can rely on the support of Studio Merlino for the maintenance of your personnel files and payroll accounting, determination of social security contributions and withholding taxes, entry and checking of travel expense reports and the determination of commission settlements or variable remunerations. We will take over the processing of payment transactions for your employees at home and abroad and thereby provide your HR department with all the information required for the understanding of the payroll abroad.

When looking after expats a high level of awareness is additionally required as the effects on tax and social insurance law have to be taken individually into account. Naturally we carry out shadow accounting for you and are also there to offer advice and assist you and your expatriates with the preparation of personnel deployment. We are delighted to take on responsibility for the preparation of consistent personnel expenses reports among various regions adjusted to your requirements, the secure exchange of data for the HR department and workflow supported approval of the monthly payroll.Regarding HR Management services, the Studio Merlino offers a wide range of competences and skills which are stated for example​ ad-hoc reporting, set-up of the payroll accounting, execution of the monthly payroll accounting, contracts for new employees, registration and de-registration for social insurance, income tax certification, TFR calculation, reporting to the authorities and reporting for special purposes.

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