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           The Studio Merlino is specialized not only in the fiscal and commercial law but also in the digitalization and                 internationalization of companies from various fields by giving them the access to our partners and advisors                                                                                       located in many regions.

        In the 70s the Studio Merlino was founded and it was distinguished by the quality of accounting, budgeting and          tax consultancy services provided to taxable people and companies located in Messina and other parts of Italy.           

       The Studio Merlino has always garantueed relavant opportunities to the clients by bringing the optimization                                                  between the taxation system and the specific level of investment. 


       We have advanced databases, softwares and IT systems in order to offer to the client the most updated                                          information and solution in terms of Tax regime more suitable for him or his company.


      At Studio Merlino, we have long believed that our mission is to define tax issues of our time and to understand            clearly the client needs. Our response has been to transform our services so that we keep in step with the                                                                          changing needs of our customers and our people.

     Every day, each one of us makes choices and decisions that directly affect the way we experience each other and         the way our clients and wider communities experience us. Our values give us confidence that we are using the                                   same principles to help us make these decisions throughout our consulting.




We give the accounting service suitable for you through our advanced softwares and IT systems.


We calculate the corporate and income tax for clients from various fields.


We constantly update our skills and competences for providing the best optimisation between the tax system and your level of income.


HR management is a special challenge for specialised employees. You can rely on Studio Merlino for the maintenance of your personnel files and payroll accounting, determination of social security contributions and witholding taxes , and salary calculation.


Our clients can have relevant advantages and benefits thanks to the support of partnerships with various networks,  international organizations and other advisors not only in the European Union but also outside the EU Countries.

 We have the opportunity to offer the best cooperation with international partners.


Try our consulting services related to "the best target client" for you who feels suitable your products and services in a specific area. We provide reports and statistics for you in order to give you the correct evidence and track correctly your performance in the marketplace with the relevant benchmark.


We also provide to our clients the information related to the solvency rate of list of companies which be inside and outside its portfolio in order to maximize the cash flow from the investment and to  reduce the credit risk on the investment.


With Studio Merlino you will find a reliable partner with outstanding expertise in tax litigation and disputes. We assist you comprehensively in all tax issues. We work close to our clients and thanks to the support from our partners  we develop the best solution for you.



I risultati ai quali ci ispiriamo essenzialmente nel nostro lavoro è la soddisfazione dei nostri clienti sui servizi offerti al livello digitale e questi risultati si possono misurare principalmente come in molte attività in diversi settori tramite le recensioni rilasciate dai nostri clienti. Proprio i nostri clienti conoscono bene quelle che sono le loro necessità e esigenze in un determinato momento e i motivi che spingono a scegliere i nostri servizi. Inoltre proprio esclusivamente i nostri clienti possono giudicare il nostro operato  meglio di qualsiasi altro operatore di mercato perchè sono sempre in forte contatto con il nostro professionista di riferimento.  Siamo lieti e riconoscenti non solo come Studio Merlino ma anche come Digital Pro - gruppo di consulenti esperti in diverse aree sviluppato a soddisfare le esigenze a livello digitale fornendo una consulenza completa tramite le nostre sinergie - di riportare di seguito le principali recensioni e feedback ricevuti dai nostri clienti attraverso le principali piattaforme sul web sui servizi offerti nel tempo richiesto.  Ogni giorno lavoriamo per migliorare il nostro valore aggiunto per i nostri clienti e questo è testimoniato dai feedback come di seguito riportati:

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